Real-time tracking

Tracko vehicle management application enables our customers to track every single vehicle in their fleet, as they get instant & real-time updates on their mobiles. Stay updated on what’s happening with live mapping of your driver’s real-time locations.

Live Dashboard View

Now stay aware all the time about what your driver is doing and how he is behaving. By using our advanced tracking application, fleet managers will be able to see live view on each of their vehicle’s vehicle location, driver status, geo-fencing and traffic updates.

Customized Intelligent Reporting

Tracko is a technologically advanced tracking solutions provider. Our Application is also able to collect and analyze data from your drivers and vehicles and compile comprehensive reports based on your driver’s behavior and vehicles performance.

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel monitoring feature allows fleet managers to get real-time updates on their mobiles about the level of fuel and consumption made by different drivers and vehicles according to their distance traveled and fuel consumed.

Our VPS app allows you to keep track of your vehicle’s fuel and keep it safe from fuel theft and also its wastage. Also, when a driver knows that the fuel is being monitored, he is less likely to waste fuel or theft.

Engine Temperature

Our advanced Application system also provides a temperature management system that monitors the engine temperature for your vehicles.

Knowing in advance about the temperature of your vehicle’s engine will make fleet managers able to inform their respective drivers and take preventive decisions in advance.

Driver Identification

Tracko has also enabled its Mobile Application with the advanced drivers identification system. An advanced Thumb impression system has been installed in each vehicle and drivers will only be able to start the engine by providing their thumb impressions.

This will help in avoiding unauthorized use of your vehicle, as only the authorized driver will be able to start the engine. Also, this will keep track of driver assignments and let you know which driver was assigned to a specific trip.

Driver Behavior

Tracking solutions with unique telematics provides customized reporting, alerts, and live viewing to managers.

This will make you able to know things like whether your drivers are speeding, braking harshly, crazily changing lanes, harsh acceleration, revving the engine to accelerate too quickly, or idling excessively.


This feature enables managers to get instant notifications on their mobile App, whenever a driver is over speeding. Vehicle speed tracking also enables your company to get estimate arrival times, which improves customer service.

Installing GPS tracking devices on your vehicle will also reduce the risk of accidents, as drivers will drive more carefully when they know they’re being monitored.

Maintenance dues

Reducing maintenance costs is crucial for any business. You will get instant real-time updates and comprehensive reports about how your vehicle is performing.

Also, Tracko has synced its system with Highway Traffic Police, so whenever a driver is over speeding, it will send an alert to nearest patrolling police car.  By keeping track of your vehicles, your drivers will more likely behave well and this will help reduce overall maintenance cost of your vehicles.

Ignition on off

Many drivers leave the vehicle’s engine on while truck is not moving. Tracko makes fleet managers able to take full control of their fleets with its advanced Tracking Application. This feature will help them turn on or off their fleet engines anytime and from anywhere.

Idle (AC)

Keeping the engine running even in idle time results in increase in fuel costs. With Tracko Application system installed in your vehicle, you can have the power to monitor idling, which will drastically decrease fuel costs.

Route Deviation

Route deviation is one of the consistent problems faced by many fleet managers. With a geo-fence enabled GPS solution, you can get instant alert via SMS or email whenever a driver goes to a wrong direction.

Route History

GPS tracking devices are very helpful for seeing the real-time position of the vehicles and assets you are tracking.

With this advanced tracking solutions, you can review a vehicle’s history with an animated, interactive route replay that breaks each day down into detailed trip segments.

Voice Recording

One of the most amazing features of GPS vehicle tracking is a voice recorder option that will allow the user to capture voice conversations that occur inside the vehicle.

This feature is helpful for fleet managers to take full control of their vehicles and know what their drivers are up to during the travel.

Live Cam Streaming

Watching inside your vehicle with real-time live cam streaming allows fleet managers to get insight into the driver’s behavior and what your driver sees. This feature is also helpful to improve fleet safety and also for reducing insurance costs.


Anti-jamming is the most technologically advanced feature that not many tracking companies provide. This will protect your fleet from the risk of theft or any other mishap caused by jammers installed under your vehicle. Having this system in your vehicle will protect you from those jammers and offers vehicle owners the best protection from this growing threat.


This is one of most important features of our fleet management system. Using eye-blink technology, you will be able to get instant alert whenever your driver feel drowsiness. Using this technology will help avoid road accidents resulting in deaths, severe injuries and monetary losses.

External Power Cut Off

Our VMS also give the fleet owners the ability to remotely immobilize a vehicle at any time and any place just with a click using our Application. This feature is really a helping hand in case of theft or any other form of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Door Open Close Alert

One of the most fundamental feature of Tracko VMS is to provide timely alert to fleet managers whenever it detects that doors of the vehicle are open while driving.

Low Battery Alarm

Tracko VMS is also capable to detect low battery and will send you a low battery warning when the device’s battery goes under 20%.

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