Our Innovative Feature


This is one of the most innovative feature, currently offered by Tracko VMS only in Pakistan. This feature makes you able to alert road tanker drivers to the risk of rollovers before it’s too late. It provides an early visual and audio alarm as the threshold approaches, enabling the driver to take corrective action.

RWD implementation improves Safety

RWD investment reduces road accidents and all related costs, especially with pollutant loads.

Reduces vehicle stress and component wear.

Allows specific calibration for each trailer type for optimum operation. Recalibration is no necessary and data analysis is simple.

Driver Training

Device internal buffer let to collect acceleration data for a single vehicle, analysing driver behaviour during a time period.

Using RWD simplifies already existing training tools.

Useful for skilled drivers in road/weather exceptional conditions also.

No skilled drivers gain experience simply learn by device feedbacks, day by day. The device gives continuous feedback on vehicle stability.

Unsafe driving style could be identified and corrective measures taken, allowing driver style control.