Bus Tabs

Leveraging its experience of Bus Terminal Management, Bus Fleet management, Bus Tracking & Surveillance Systems; TRACKO specializes in On-board Bus Entertainment System.
TRACKO is one of the leading VOD/MOD Tabs Seller & Solution Provider in Pakistan.
While selecting and sourcing our Multi Media Bus Tabs we especially focus on

  •  Quality & Durability
  • Economy
  • Passengers’ Preferences & Habits.

Capabilities & Workforce:

Having its main workshop in Faisalabad, TRACKO has network of workshops all over Pakistan.
Our Skilled Workforce is capable of Customization and installation of VOD / Entertainments systems in all kinds and models of Buses, Coaches, Vans & Train Wagons.
Especially all new and older models of HIGER, YUTONG, MAN, DAEWOO & VOLVO are customized with higher expertise.

Moreover, our mobile teams can install these systems at clients’ locations.
Currently Tracko Installs 500-1000 Tablets every month.

Our Clientage:

Almost all Leading Bus Transport Companies’ Fleets in the country have Buses with VODs / Entertainment System installed by TRACKO.

  • Kohistan Express
  • Bashir Sons
  • New Coach Rana Brothers
  • Bilal Travels
  • Umair Movers

Wide Range of VOD / MOD Systems:

Depending upon Clients’ Demand We source and install all types & sizes

  • Tablets
  • TFTs
  • LCDs / LEDs

Why TRACKO Bus Tabs:

  • Durability & long life.
  • Expertise in Installation & Bus Electronics.
  • One Year Warranty
  • After Sale Service


0300 8271094
Email: bustabs@tracko.com